Deeper ... online workshop

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I am creating the most beautiful, self-revolutionizing online workshop. (And who doesn’t want a revolution?)

It’s called DEEPER. In twelve glorious weeks together we will explore personal story and mythology through art journaling. We will weave together a profound depth of creative expression with a quest for our own solitary truth.

This isn’t just another artmaking workshop. In fact, it’s almost like the art is the side-effect. 

DEEPER is more like entering a space of devotion. Exploration. A divine intertwining with who you ARE. A place you can go to retreat and renew, and emerge with pizazz, power, and sooooo many a-ha’s. When you live THAT deeply in your own self, you literally cannot NOT be prolifically creative. You can FEEL that truth, right?

I’m your guide into those places inside yourself that will make you weak in the knees. They are in there, waiting for you. 

If you know me at all, you know I am not very interested in the shallow end of life. I crave, create, and thrive on the intensity end of the spectrum. 

My life, my heart, and my art beat to a thumping drum of everything that lives beneath the surface. I flourish there. In that gooey, shadowy under-place. 

It’s my superpower.

I go there willingly because I know that’s where the truth lives. Its where the fearless, fierce ME lives. Its inside you, too. It’s where the spice of life mingles with who you REALLY are, and galvanizes you into becoming empowered AF.

It’s freaking beautiful in there. I promise. 

DEEPER takes us on a journey through our sacred + profane stories ... it’s a layered and rich course, y’all.

Art journaling is our output. Deeeeeep soul cultivation is the main event.

(That's my painting Ilse behind me. You can read more about her, HERE.)