DEEPER giveaway


I am opening up several places in my new online workshop DEEPER, which will be GIFTED at no cost to those whose heritage carries the imprint of war. 

(DEEPER is *not* based on the theme of war, but is ALL about expressing the stories that hold power in our lives).

Why am I doing this? Because of my passionate approach to the stories of history, I am often contacted by the children or grandchildren of WW2 survivors. 

They share with me their deep desire to creatively express the story of their lineage. They want to spend time in the details and take creative possession of that which has haunted, and haunts, their lives. 

Because that's what wars do. They haunt lives. For generations. 

Yet, the spirit of survival also beats through the descendant's veins - it is this very thing that requires them to step forward and share their family's story.

As you know, I am devoted to expressing the stories of this war, and equally committed to opening these gates of healing to those who feel called to walk their family's story through the therapeutic approach of creativity.

The stories need to be told. Experienced. Released, honored, and witnessed. 

We as a community of witnesses need to hold the stories intimately, so that we can learn from them. 

All the details:

My work with the history and survivors of WW2:

Please share with anyone you know who may benefit from this work:
-A descendant of a civilian who experienced and witnessed the bombing, brutality, and deprivation all across of Europe at the hands of both the Axis and Allied armies.
-A descendant of a US, German, Red Army (or the myriad of other countries involved) combat soldier, officer, sailor, special forces, etc.
-A descendant of a member of the Nazi party (who often carry a weight of shame).
-A descendant of a prisoner of a concentration or death camp.
-A descendant of a member of the Resistance in any occupied European country.
-A descendant of a Slavic man or woman forced into slave labor.
-Or any other scenario. There were far too many.

PLEASE NOTE ----> *****WW2 is my area of expertise, hence the examples above. Recipients will not be limited to this chapter, but can hold stories of any conflict in history)*****

To qualify for this opportunity, by August 4th please:
1. Share this post.
2. Send an email to -- ***Please please please do not write to me on Facebook. It is very likely to get lost, and will not count as a submission***.
3. Tell me briefly about your ancestor or your story of war with as many direct details as possible, in ten sentences or less.
4. Share with me why DEEPER calls to you, and how you will work with this particular story/stories conceptually in our time together.

-Selected recipients will be notified on August 15th. Workshop begins September 9.
-You may enter on behalf of another person, and the same process applies.
-You do not need creative experience to participate or benefit.