Colorado ... you so purty.

It's funny how places smell and feel the same no matter how many years between visits.

The moment I stepped out of the car in Colorado (did a cheeky little overnight visit while I was in NM) I was thrust back in time to 2002-ish.

I settled for a few short years in to the top floor of what once was an old farmhouse, in a little town called Glenwood Springs.

I was not yet 30, and I was totally trying to figure life out ... a quest that never really ends, come to think of it.

There is a certain thin-aired smell like trees, dirt, and rugged fresh air lightly blended in a high altitude wind stream, with a dash of very mountain-y coolness that is specifically Colorado.

Memory lane follows closely on the tailwind of the air itself ... and then of course the rumination. Oh, the rumination!