a new film ...

If you’ve been wondering:

🔥 why I love to create about and talk about the female body - plus start conversations using the word p*ssy and vagina, you may want to watch this.

🔥 why I am passionate about dedicating my time to coaching women through tough spaces, definitely watch this.

🔥 why I am getting all outspoken-esque about these topics, then really don’t miss a second of this.


Last week my dear friend John Saponara and I reunited after 22 years to begin a project.

Our documentary will share the inside scoop on how my creative process has helped me reclaim my body from the grip of C-PTSD after decades of abuse and trauma shut me down.

This is my super rough cut of one clip of footage shot by John, whose brilliant camera work and direction I can’t wait to share with you.