Aphrodite, or Venus as she was called by the Romans, is the goddess of love. She symbolizes adoration, pleasure, and romance. There are a million myths that surround her. She is one of the big ones in the pantheon of gods and goddesses, and appears everywhere.

She’s stoked the creative fires of artists for centuries, and has commanded the devotion of countless generations of followers.

Regardless of whether or not we know the intricacies of those myths, we still all about Aphrodite, goddess of love. We think of her as a curvy lavisher of love lounging in a petal-drenched bath, or on a crushed velvet and ornate settee surrounded by cupids feeding her bon bons. Or is that just me?

I’ve come to believe that all of the above is a beautiful swirl of the surface-level promise of an Aphrodite Venus woman living in her exalted energy, it is also in the danger zone of being a projection of the collective unconscious of what a woman ‘should’ be. Convenient, beautiful, comfortable, and totally available to the whims of all.

In our society, generally speaking, a woman is supposed to be all that up there … or she’s supposed to be like (the societal expectations of) man. Driven, hard working, penetrative, and unflappably focused on the bottom line.

HER pleasure isn’t in either of those realms, is it?

What happens when a woman’s pleasure isn’t convenient? What happens when it doesn’t look like what we think it should? What happens if her adoration, devotion, and cherishing come with the requirement that you step up and offer the same in return?

With no exceptions?


Even worse, what happens when a woman is not in touch with her pleasure? Or her innate capacity to foster and nourish connection? What happens when her innate compass of boundaried receptivity is out of whack or malfunctioning?

She becomes dry. Brittle. Resentful. She lashes out, and instead of using her powers for creation, she destroys. She is ill, depressed, lacks motivation or empathy. She is lost, and she creates loss all around her.

This is the shadow of Venus. It is born of the woman who denies herself, creates a mirrored world where others deny her, and the full circle of this denial and self-betrayal eats her alive, and those around her.

We have all known this woman. Some of us were raised by this woman. We see her archetype around us, whether she was a mother figure or not.

None of us want to be this woman.

Everyone seeks the ideal Venus.

But nobody is prepared for the Truth of Who She Actually Is.

If you stay with her long enough, she will take you there.

She requires Truth. It is the essence of her being. She demands pleasure as the foundational aspect of her day. Your pleasure? That’s your job to procure. Perhaps your pleasures will intermingle … that’s up to her. Beauty? Ha. She knows that the surface dwellers of the world will conveniently get stuck on the surface image of her face, her physique, the accessories she chooses. Her core of burning fire insists that beauty is not on her surface, but is the eternal wellspring of creation and destruction, wed in a perpetual spiral of life birthing itself. Her sidekick is the ouroboros, the snake eating its tail, because the dance of entropy and syntropy birth and rebirth within her. She knows the force of Love is actually a highly embodied state of receptivity and fierce NO all woven into one beautiful body temple that demands that gifts be dropped at her feet by anyone in her orbit. Just because she is who she is, and she is there. She needs no other reason to be adored. Her adoration is not for the passive, just as she herself is not passive. Her adoration is for the full-bodied, full-throttle beings who worship the union of God and Goddess in all things and seeks the power of critical thought, heart swooningly open holy hellfire, and the wisdom that Union is in all things. Separation is not allowed in the Temples of Aphrodite Venus. You must unite within yourself, knowing that the Unity is already there and all around you, before you dare step foot in the place where you already belong.

Soft? Supple? Receptive? Loving? Generous? Adoring?


AND. So much more.

Screen Shot 2019-08-12 at 12.57.19 PM.png

Venus is a mirror.

Her symbol literally looks like a handheld mirror. (See above). Did you ever notice that?

We see who she is through seeing who we are. She reflects back to us through our connections all the aspects that live inside us.

If you reject yourself you will be rejected.

If you abuse yourself you will be abused.

If you betray yourself you will be betrayed.

If you lie to yourself you will be lied to.

If you adore yourself you will be adored.

The sad thing is, society expects for us to do all of those things in order to ‘fit in’.

If you derive pleasure from your life, your life will be flooded with pleasure.

If you devote to yourself / your pleasure / your passion, you will live these things.

If you protect yourself, you will be protected.

If you nurture your spirit, you will be happy.

Screen Shot 2019-04-29 at 8.52.11 AM.png


I’ve spent a lot of time lately studying the planet of Venus, which has brought me face to face with a million delicious rabbit holes. Venus is the hottest world in the solar system, at 465 degrees. Her surface is hot as hell, basically, and filled with volcanoes and a 3000 mile long lava river. She is made of gassy fires, and our spacecraft can’t get close enough to her to study her in depth. I love knowing this about her - it completely changes my perception of the archetypal Venusian creature, that glamorous and languid bombshell of endless giving.

What about you?

What does this scientific knowledge bring to mind?

Where does it collide with your up-to-now understanding of the archetypal role of Venus?

Where does any of the above hit you?

Where does it soften you?

Where do you feel a little reach-out to the essence of Venus might be necessary?


Spend some devotional time in absorption of the energies of this luscious and powerful being. Then, following her lead, dress yourself (or undress yourself), and take selfies that embody your understanding and interpretation of her in your life. You can share them with us, or not. It does not matter. This act of devotion is literally a mirror as discussed above, between you, Venus Aphrodite, and your camera.