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Announcing Texas Monthly Workshops with Erin Faith Allen


I am so thrilled to let you in on a project that has been brewing. Pretty soon you will have a regular outlet for your creative voice. I will begin hosting monthly art workshops in Katy, Texas, just west of Houston. That’s right: workshops plural, each explored through technique and instruction and culminating in artmaking without abandon.

Creators and artmakers who have attended my workshops and art retreats will all tell you the same thing: my art events are about coming together and sharing. I am a teacher, but not a lecturer, and I am not expecting my workshop attendees to learn to make copies of my art. I do expect you to tap into your own individuality, grabbing hold of it, and drawing it out through your own unique work.

And I believe each one of us has that inside of us: the desire for creating and artmaking. Your own creative voice is in there, and by coming together in a loving space and in a community of creators, you will learn to recognize it and let it out… not just during the workshop, but in perpetuity.

My Texas Monthly Workshops are each two days long – a full weekend of uninhibited expression. Our space is private and limited to just 10 people. We laugh and learn, we break for lunch, we share and create, and we lift each other up – always.

I hope you’ll join me for one, several, or all of my Texas Monthly Workshops. What is expressed and grown in one individual has no choice but to ripple outward to benefit the greater world – this is my core belief as a human being and a teacher. And it’s a philosophy we can all appreciate and believe in now more than ever.

  1. bernice rubin

    May 3, 2017 at 9:49 pm

    will you be hosting a Ghost Ranch retreat in 2018? I would love any information you may
    be able to provide at this time.



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