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Like my coaching packages, my 1:1 sessions provide straight-up gut-level sensing, and intuitive live-streaming from the cosmos.

These individual sessions are perfect if you are in crisis, need help with relationship dynamics, or find yourself sitting at a fork in the road.

I have a knack for connecting people to their deepest, infallible truths. My 1:1 sessions are one of my favorite ways of connecting, and provide profound hits of guidance and no nonsense approaches to difficult situations.

$244 for a minimum of 60 minutes, on a recorded video call. After payment is made, I will contact you to make your appointment.

All sales are final.

When I call Erin for guidance, she has a way of asking the perfect question with tender precision that unlocks a place where I was once stuck, allowing me to shoot through it. It’s truly extraordinary to experience.

Erin’s insight and deep wisdom combines many lineages into one exquisite, unique voice. She’s a midwife, a priestess and a friend to all that call upon her. 

It feels as if I’m in the presence of Divine Grace when talking to her because she is so generous with her compassion and love. - K.F.

Maybe once in a lifetime, if you're lucky, you meet someone who wants to seek you, and learn you. That's Erin. She searches for you. Because of this, you seek yourself, and learn yourself.

Magic is clean, this is not that. This is dirty, raw and real. It’s beautiful. She is beautiful. - H.L.

Erin!!! You are amazing!!! I can’t begin to tell you how much your sessions have helped me. But then again you know EVERYTHING so you probably already know this. You always know how to perfectly connect, know exactly what to say (and so beautifully worded), know exactly how I feel and know the best way for me to navigate my world.

I always take what I’ve learned from you and apply it towards life challenges, and always have results like crazy! I really can’t put into words how much I appreciate you. You are a true light to this world and I’m so thankful to have you in my life. Thank you a thousand times over for everything you’ve done for me and for guiding me down the path back to myself. - J.R.